Sunday, April 7, 2013

"It's a Good Thing" 2013 - tips and tricks!

“Trust in God and believe in Good Things to come”

Michele H.

1) Pour 1 cup of distilled white vinegar in your load of laundry to remove unwanted odors.

2) You can store up to 10 onions in your panty hose and hang them up somewhere exotic-like your garage.

3) Visit to look up all of your favorite recipes.

4) Stop crying over spilled milk! Go to the dollar store and pick up a bottle of Awesome. It works on carpet, the hood of your stove, fabrics, etc.

5) ERA detergent can conveniently be used as a stain remover.

6) A mixture of vinegar and dish soap gets yellow pit stains off of white shirts.

7) Save a little cash on dryer sheets by making your own. Put a drop of dish soap on a towel, roll it up and throw it in the dryer.

Annie K.

1) Just in time for Easter: Using Kool Aid to dye your easter eggs will not only produce brighter looking eggs but will also leave your kitchen smelling fruity.

2) Freeze aloe vera for instant access in case of nasty sun burn.

Staci R.

1) 2 tablespoons of glycerin, 1 tablespoon of dish soap and 2 cups of water work together to remove grease stains.

2) Say No to scrubbing your pots and pans. Pour milk into your pan, leave it there for a while and the crud will magically come off. (Heating the milk is unnecessary).

3) Nylon (tights, stockings) cleans smudges off of pages of your books.

Trina B.

1) Cut ¾ inch tubing in half and attach it to a bobbin (Found tubing at Lowe’s)

2) Pour a concoction made up of half vinegar and half dish soap into a spray bottle. Spray your bathroom walls while in the shower, then scrub and rinse.

3) A frosting trick

Young Sook K.

1) If you don’t have a sprinkler system, dig a hole and fill it up with water…(check with her on the exact details)

2) Take a picture of small labels or anything you can’t read with your smart phone then zoom it in to read what the label says OR take a picture of a tiny space that you can’t get to in order to see what’s under there.

Sharon C.

1) Substitute honey for sugar. Use ¾ the amount of honey for sugar and decrease liquids by a smidge.

2) Gardening-If there’s green, there’s hope.

3) If you sit too long in the woods, real quiet, something will eat you!

4) Put vinegar in a bowl and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds. It makes cleaning your microwave fast and easy.

5) Put duct tape on warts.

Edith G.

1) Take a picture of your license plate for hotel check-ins so you have that information readily available.

2) Oxy clean gets blood out of everything (grass stains too).

3) Cut a lemon into quarters and run one piece through your garbage disposal to get rid of smells

Sherry I.

1) Peroxide takes blood off of fabric

2) Dab a little bit of Preparation H under your eyes to decrease the appearance of bags.

Edwina Y.

1) Buy a lanyard and hang it around your neck to keep track of your keys.

Kelly N.

1) Favorite floss: Crest Glide

2) Favorite gloss: Blistex Silk and Shine

3) Favorite comfy shoe: Earth Spirit Brand from Wal-Mart. Very reasonably priced.

4) Put cooked chicken in your kitchen aid mixer with the beater bar and it shreds the chicken.

5) The smell and taste of bread while cutting will take away the sting.

6) A cup of sugar and a tablespoon of molasses to make your own brown sugar.

7) Put vinegar in a baggy and attach it to your faucet if water isn’t spraying out.

Kristen G.

1) Blend up vegetables and put it into the sauces to entice your kids into eating their veggies.

2) Place panty hose over the small part of the vacuum cleaner and it will suck up small pieces of jewelry behind sofas and dressers.

Lisa D.

1) Take a big file and gently exfoliate your cracked heel in the shower. Rub a small amount of Aquaphor (Vaseline-like jelly) on your heels to make them soft and smooth. Heel checks will be performed in August.

2) Revlon Color Stay Ultimate with chapstick on top of it creates beautiful lips.

Kari D.

1) Put a paper bag over spilt wax on carpet. Iron the paper bag and the wax will come right off.

2) Put the used candle in the freezer, pop it out and reuse the candle.

Nola R.

1) Wet tea bags will stop bleeding on the inside of your mouth

2) Rub your hands on a chrome faucet to get rid of the onion and garlic smell

3) Put a corn bag in the microwave and use it as a heating pad.

4) Heavy whipping cream can be churned into butter using a kitchen aid.

Meghan S.

1) Tape gentle reminders on the front door

2) Make budget adjustments to only spend money on gas and milk in January.

Jaimie B.

1) Remove metal blinds and hang them on your fence in the backyard. Buy a bottle of scrubbing bottles and spray generously onto your blinds. The dirt slides right off.

2) Place a handful of popcorn kernels in a Pyrex glass bowl with a glass lid and nuke it in the microwave for 5 minutes with or without oil.

3) Disolve It from BiMart takes off wax or crayon.

Geneve S.

1) Put cherry tomatoes between 2 lids slice them all in half at the same time

2) How to remove the labels off of No.10 Cans: Do not get the labels wet. Fill up the can with hot water and let it sit for 5 minutes. The label will peel right off. Lighter fluid or Shout will get off the stubborn parts.


4) Johnny Horton’s CD’s

Annabelle A.

1) Aquanet gets ballpoint and car grease off of cloth

Shellie C.

1) Wal-Mart has copies of Who Knew 10,001 solutions to every day problems.

2) Add Lipton’s Tea in bath water for sun burns

3) Drink some Gatorade to get rid of migraines.

4) Super glue on paper cut

5) Sugar on burnt tongue.

Debbie M.

1) If you tear something apart, take pictures of every step so that you know how to put it back together.

2) Use old socks for dusting. Put the sock on your hand, fold it over so it creates a double layer, throw the sock away after dusting.

3) To quickly de-clutter a room, grab a laundry basket and put everything in it then distribute the things back to where they belong.


Crista H.

1) A load of laundry will dry faster if you put a dry towel in with it.

Sue H.

1) Spray your dry pot with Pam before poaching eggs

2) Put veggies in your smoothies – the fruit will mask the flavor.

Shanna N.

1) Hold a slice of bread in your mouth (tast and smell it) while cutting onions to avoid tears.

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